Coding Proficiency Asmt: ICD-10-CM

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Important Notes:

  • You will need to have a current ICD-10-CM code book or access to an encoder to complete the test.


The purpose of this assessment is to assist the end user in identifying strengths and weaknesses in this classification system and to ensure accurate code assignment in ICD-10-CM.

As part of AHIMA’s Proficiency Assessment program, this 73-question assessment was developed for use when a general idea of a coding professional’s competence is needed, without specific emphasis on selective topics, such as specific disease processes.

The questions in this assessment are categorized at intermediate or advanced coding practice levels. Intermediate questions assess application of basic coding skills to actual health record information, while advanced questions assess interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of the entire health information data spectrum impacted by code selection and code assignment. Questions are related to the ICD-10-CM coding conventions and guidelines.

Item format is multiple-choice with a question and four possible answers. While taking this assessment, you must have access to current codes via a codebook or an encoder. Upon completion, you'll be provided with your score as well as feedback on each question. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the feedback page to print your results so that you can review them later.


  • Recognize conventions and guidelines associated with ICD-10-CM
  • Identify areas for improvement in the ICD-10 classification system
  • Discern best practices for ICD-10-CM

**This assessment is only ONE (1) attempt and requires a 70% to pass - you do not receive a refund if you fail**


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