ICD-10-CM A&P Focus: Neoplasms Assessment

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This 20-question assessment, A&P Focus: Neoplasms Assessment is part of AHIMA’s Proficiency Assessment program. The questions were developed to assess a coding professional’s competence on a specific topic. If your score was less than 70% on this specific area of Anatomy and Physiology, you might consider taking the A&P focus course that is the companion to this assessment.

AHIMA Online Education recommends that this ICD-10-CM A&P Focus assessment be taken prior to beginning the corresponding ICD-10-CM A&P Focus course; as soon as the student completes the assessment, automatic feedback provides insight into the student's current level of knowledge and identifies areas for additional training.

This assessment may only be taken once. Questions are all multiple-choice with a question and four possible answers. You must have access to current ICD-10-CM codes via a codebook or an encoder while taking this assessment. Upon completion, you'll be provided with your score as well as feedback on each question.


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