CHPS Patient Rights (Exam Prep)

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This 9 lesson refresher course pays special attention to the competencies related to HIPAA’s patient rights as covered in the CHPS certification examination. Students can enhance their performance on the exam after experiencing this overview of patient rights associated with protected health information (PHI) and the handling of various requests for PHI. Students will review best practices for managing breaches and federal breach guidelines, as well as appropriate measures for managing the Notice of Privacy Practices. This course reflects information from the HITECH Final Omnibus Rule, effective 3/26/2013 with a compliance date of 09/23/2013.


Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Establish, maintain, and distribute the organizational Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) to the consumer
  • Discuss individual privacy rights for proper use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) for effective communication to the consumer who is the subject of the PHI
  • Apply the appropriate operations for processing various PHI requests (e.g., amendments, restrictions)
  • Identify the federal requirements (as well as effective processing and management best practices) for breaches


  1. Notice of Privacy Practices
  2. Patient Access to PHI (paper, e-format, and e-access)
  3. Accounting of Disclosures
  4. Requests for Amendments or for Alternate Means of Confidential Communication
  5. Requests for Restrictions
  6. Privacy and Security Breaches
  7. The Patient Directory
  8. Sharing PHI with Family Members and Others Involved in the Patient’s Care
  9. Handling Complaints and Designing Patient-Friendly Privacy/Security Practices

This refresher course is for CHPS exam candidates who already have the appropriate experience, educational background, and knowledge to sit for the exam.

AHIMA certifications are administered by the AHIMA Commission on Certification (COC). The COC does not contribute to, review, or endorse any review books, review sessions, study guides, or other exam preparatory activities.

Use of this product for AHIMA certification exam preparation in no way guarantees an exam candidate will earn a passing score on the exam.



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