AHIMA ICD-10-CM Post Training E-Assessment

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This 100 question ICD-10-CM Post Training Assessment can be used by to assess the coding professional's understanding of ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes after completion of ICD-10-CM training. The purpose of this assessment is to assist the end user in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the assignment of ICD-10-CM codes. As part of AHIMA’s Coder Readiness program, this 100-question assessment covers the typical coding scenarios that coding professionals might encounter. The assessment was developed for use when a general idea of a coding professional’s competence is needed, without specific emphasis on selective topics such as specific disease processes.

Every question is in the true/false or multiple-choice format and presents either two or four answer choices. Upon completion of the entire assessment, a page appears that gives the total score. The passing score is 70%.

This assessment contains 100 questions and should take about two (2) hours to complete.


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