HIPAA Privacy: Rights and Responsibilities

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This course begins with the general requirement that PHI be kept confidential. It then covers the minimum necessary rule, HIPAA’s rules regarding disclosure of PHI, accounting for disclosures, authorization, patient rights, notice of privacy practices, access to records under HIPAA and state law, marketing and sale of PHI, fundraising, and psychotherapy notes.


Course Outline


1. Introduction

2. Confidentiality

3. Minimum Necessary Rule

4. Preventing Snooping

5. Disclosures

        A. Permitted Disclosures with Authorization

        B. Mandatory Disclosures

        C. Permitted Disclosures without Authorization

        D. Disclosures to Law Enforcement Officials

6. Accounting for Disclosures

7. Authorization

        A. What Must Be Included in an Authorization?

        B. When Authorization Can Be Required as a Condition

8. Personal Rights

        A. Notice

        B. Access

        C. Amendment

        D. Complaint

        E. Do Not Retaliate

9. Notice of Privacy Practices

10. Access

11. Marketing

12. Sale of PHI

13. Fundraising

14. Psychotherapy Notes

15. Conclusion

16. Course Assessment




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