Medical Law and Ethics

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As a health care professional it is important to understand the legal and ethical issues that can impact the role one has in the health care setting.This course provides an introduction to the laws that regulate the health care industry such as HIPAA, the Patient's Bill of Rights, and standard of care.In addition to the legal aspects, this course presents information on ethical and moral issues that health care professionals may encounter and encourages you to consider the impact that personal ethics and morals have on decision making.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze issues of law and ethics as related to health care
  • Determine the similarities and differences between laws, ethics, and moral issues
  • Assess the importance of confidentiality in the health care setting from both a legal and ethical standpoint
  • Analyze the impact that local, state, and federal legislation have on practices found in health care
  • Compare and contrast the roles of various members of the health care team in terms of standard of care
  • Apply standard practices that must be followed in health care
  • Evaluate the effect of personal ethics on personal job performance in a health care setting
  • Debate ethical and moral issues in health care
  • Determine the role of cultural, social, and ethnic diversity within health care
  • Analyze the importance of complying with laws that regulate the practice of health care

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