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The CDIP online practice exam in ICD-10 is an opportunity to test knowledge and skills prior to taking the exam. This computer-based practice exam is a critical tool to assess a candidate’s readiness to sit for the real exam. The 84 practice exam questions, covering all six domains of CDIP, are written by AHIMA item writers who develop questions for the CDIP exam. The score report provided at the end of the exam shows areas of strength and areas where more studying is needed. Candidates can use that information to guide the next steps of their exam preparation process.

Important Notes:

    • This exam should take an individual approximately 110 minutes to complete in one sitting as it was created as a shorter exam (84 questions instead of 140 questions).
    • The practice exanm is non-refundable, one-time  use only.

Percentage of Exam Dedicated to Each Domain:

    • Clinical Coding Practice – 22-26%
    • Leadership – 17-22%
    • Record Review & Documentation Clarification – 24-28%
    • CDI Metrics & Statistics – 14-18%
    • Research & Education – 11-15%
    • Compliance – 4-8%

The practice exam is one-time use only and non-refundable .  If answers are not submitted before the screen is exited out of, all answers will be lost.


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