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The CCA online practice exam is a critical tool to assess a candidate’s readiness to sit for the CCA exam. The practice exam score report provided at the end of the exam shows areas of strength and areas where more studying is needed.

Important Notes:

  • This 60-question practice exam is not timed. However, in order to help gauge how prepared you are to sit for the actual exam, note that it should take you about one hour and fifteen to complete. (The actual exam has 100 questions and is timed at 2 hours.)
  • The practice exam is non-refundable and one time use only.
  • If answers are not submitted before the screen is exited out of, all answers will be lost.
  • The score report provided after you submit the exam groups the questions by domain so that you can determine areas of strength and areas where more studying is needed:
    • Domain 1 - Clinical Classification Systems
    • Domain 2 - Reimbursement Methodologies
    • Domain 3 - Health Records and Data Content
    • Domain 4 - Compliance
    • Domain 5 - Information Technologies
    • Domain 6 - Confidentiality & Privacy

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