CDIP: Domain 4 - CDI Metrics and Statistics

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This four-lesson course walks through the key performance indicators of a CDI program. CDI professionals must know how to track and trend pertinent data, as well as present the data in an effective manner. Benchmarking and auditing is also covered in this course.


Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand KPIs for your CDI program
  • Determine the best methods for tracking and trending information
  • Understand how to create a dashboard to share information
  • Understand the importance of setting internal goals
  • Identify regional and national benchmarks
  • Understand the importance of monitoring
  • Understand the importance of auditing query content
  • Evaluate the importance of auditing CDI performance
  • Understand why DRG discrepancy rates should be monitored
  • Identify who are the stakeholders
  • Determine the frequency of reporting data
  • Understand correction action to be taken to improve documentation

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