Outpatient CDI Academy Self-Paced Learning

Webinar Recordings

AHIMA’s Outpatient CDI Academy Webinar Series uses evidence-based information to provide a detailed analysis of CDI opportunities in the outpatient setting. The three  comprehensive webinars in this series provide education on the benefits of outpatient CDI, the drivers of outpatient documentation, and the structural and operational goals for outpatient CDI. If you are looking to expand or develop an outpatient CDI program, this training will prepare you.

Each webinar in the series is one and a half hours in length and uses  real world scenarios  to explore and apply to CDI outpatient opportunities. Review assignments at the end of each webinar allow for continued education. Attendees who complete this academy will be equipped with the tools they need to feel confident working in outpatient CDI settings.


This product is worth a total of 4.5 CEUs

Included in this Kit
  • Replay- Self-Paced Outpatient CDI Academy - Drivers of Outpatient Documentation
  • Replay- Self-Paced Outpatient CDI Academy - Benefits of Outpatient CDI
  • Replay- Self-Paced Outpatient CDI Academy - CDI Outpatient Structure, Goals, and Follow -Up

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