RHIT Domain 1 - Data Content, Structure and Information Governance

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This course is one of seven RHIT Exam Prep courses offered by AHIMA. The course content provides an opportunity for students to evaluate their knowledge base of the HIM entry level competencies as they prepare for the RHIT credentialing examination.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Recall the important concepts related to management of data—including planning, collecting, managing, and analyzing—and presenting data findings.
  • Determine the essential processes and elements used during health data collection.
  • Recall techniques used to collect, store, and retrieve health records.
  • Recall the purpose and processes of data validation.
  • Identify how the Health Information Management (HIM) professional may use tools to identify trends and outcomes based on the data.
  • Calculate healthcare statistics (occupancy rates, length of stay, and other healthcare statistics).
  • Identify methods for presenting and reporting data and information.
  • Identify methods and principles for managing, designing and implementing workloads as well as managing workload distribution.
  • Discuss techniques used to collect, store, and retrieve health records.
  • Explain the purpose and process of maintaining a master patient index.

AHIMA certifications are administered by the AHIMA Commission on Certification (COC). The COC does not contribute to, review, or endorse any review books, review sessions, study guides, or other exam preparatory activities.

Use of this product for AHIMA certification exam preparation in no way guarantees an exam candidate will earn a passing score on the exam .


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