RHIA Domain 3 - Informatics, Analytics & Data Use (Exam Prep)

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This 14-lesson course covers the AHIMA RHIA certification Domain 3.  This online exam preparation course provides an overview of informatics, analytics, and the use of data - including analysis and presentation.  Best practices for health information systems are also reviewed.


  • Identify best practices for the planning, selection, and implementation of health information systems
  • Describe master person index
  • Explain proper storage and retrieval principles and reporting concepts
  • Describe the clinical, administrative, and specialty service applications, including HIM-specific applications, found in healthcare
  • Describe the multiple applications used in HIM including the electronic health record
  • Calculate healthcare statistics
  • Present data for organizational use
  • Recall appropriate management strategies for clinical indices/databases/registries and software applications that support their use in the HIM department and for external purposes in improving healthcare delivery and population health
  • Demonstrate adherence to Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes and policies
  • Identify appropriate data sources for research
  • Analyze clinical data to identify trends
  • Analyze and present data for healthcare decision-making (such as the demonstration of quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare)

Lesson Titles:

  1. Networks and Communication Technologies
  2. Healthcare Infromation Systems
  3. Applications in Health Technology
  4. Applications for Health Information Management
  5. Systems Development Life Cycle
  6. Health Information Standards for Information Technology
  7. Data Storage Principles
  8. Management of the Master Person Index (MPI)
  9. The Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  10. Clinical Indices, Databases, and Registries
  11. Calculating Healthcare Statistics
  12. Research and the Analysis of Clinical Data
  13. Institutional Review Boards and Other Decision-Making Processes
  14. Data Presentation

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