Virtual Information Governance (IG) Boot Camp - December

12/8/2017 8:30:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM (CST)

Solid information governance plans translate to competitive advantages. Organizations with a plan in place can increase regulatory compliance and advance business intelligence while decreasing threats to data, reducing costs, and improving healthcare quality. Healthcare leaders need to move their organizations forward, and they need to be able to do it quickly. AHIMA’s IG Boot Camp is the solution. As a combination of virtual sessions and a one-day, in-person engagement, this special session provides a deep dive into the application of IG tools and resources and understanding of the IG discipline. This virtual teaching method uses online learning resources to facilitate information sharing among information governance committee members in an organization. Priced per organization, this virtual option allows you to engage multiple organizational leaders in discussion specific to getting an information governance program started in your organization. Learn how other organizations are making significant progress in implementing Information Governance (IG) programs at AHIMA's IG Boot Camp for IG Teams.

Webinar Pre-Work

In an effort to minimize an attendee’s time away from the office, the first portion of the IG Boot Camp is virtual and completed through six one-hour webinars.  Three webinars are required and three are optional.   (6 CEUs total). These webinars provide a baseline understanding of IG. The pre-work creates the platform for the hands-on exercises during the one-day, virtual in-person portion of the boot camp.  All members of the IG committee should watch the webinars.

Virtual Meeting

During the fast-paced, intense, virtual portion of the boot camp (7 CEUs), attendees will work with their peers, their IG committee, and the IG Advisors™ team on exercised-based applications of IG principles, competencies, and tools to position their organization for success in IG. The IG Boot Camp’s comprehensive exercises provide the functional education and expertise needed to lead an IG program. Attendees will leave the boot camp with extensive understanding of how to apply and implement IG at their organization.  T his event is team focused and for one price multiple members from one organization may attend and receive CEU's.

Your ROI

Get hands-on training to develop an information governance plan to help your organization:

•Reduce costs, increase quality, and support population health activities

•Align with and support strategic goals and gain a competitive advantage

•Increase regulatory compliance

•Avoid costly data breaches

•Advance analytics and business intelligence


Who Should Attend:

HIM Director, Privacy Officer, Security Officer, Compliance Officer, Coding Leadership, Corporate Compliance VP, CIO, CEO, COO, CMIO


Included in this Kit
  • Web Replay- Driving Information Governance—Introduction to Information Governance Part 01
  • Web Replay- Driving Information Governance—Building a Case Part 02
  • Web Replay- Driving Information Governance—Strategic Alignment: Linking IG to Organizational Performance Part 03
  • Web Replay- Driving Information Governance—Compliance, Security and Privacy as a Base for IG Part 04
  • Web Replay- Driving Information Governance—Data Governance versus Information Governance Part 05
  • Web Replay- Driving Information Governance—Managing the Revenue Cycle Through Information Governance Part 06

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