CDIP: Domain 2 - Leadership

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This four-lesson course evaluates the leadership role of a CDI professional, along with roles of the CDI team, physician champion, coding staff, and others in the CDI process. The importance of affiliating with external professional organizations and associations is also discussed. Also learn to develop CDI policies and procedures in this course.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate the importance of an affiliation with professional organizations.
  • Assess the importance of certification for CDI professionals
  • Review the components of continuing education.
  • Assess the importance of organizational awareness.
  • Define the members of the CDI team and the value of team building.
  • Evaluate CDI program development.
  • Assess the value of policies and procedures for CDI specialists and programs.
  • Define the need for medical staff training.
  • Describe the importance of a physician champion.
  • Evaluate the query work flow for a CDI program.
  • Define and understand key performance indicators (KPIs), compliance and reporting.
  • Review celebrating CDI programs during CDI month.
  • Identify potential projects for CDI programs.
  • Evaluate the importance of projects to measure the effectiveness of CDI programs.




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