Replay- Leading Information Governance (IG) - How to Take Off from HIM and Land at IG

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Information governance (IG) programs mean greater opportunities for the organization. New leadership positions are created, new skills are developed, and the organization matures as it gains a foothold in informative governance. This webinar focuses on how IG programs alter the traditional roles of HIM as they transition to broader initiatives. Attendees gain an understanding of the leadership opportunities created through the program. This includes the additional training and education needed to develop the required skill set and gain the support of organizational leadership. During this session, the audience receives an overview of information governance as the basis of program development. The speaker covers IG competencies and how HIM currently fits within each competency. Attendees learn about the skills required for leading an IG program, and the basic steps for getting the attention of leadership and getting an IG program started. As you consider leading an IG initiative, this webinar serves as the foundation you need to spur success. Transform the role of the HIM professional and take advantage of new opportunities that come from intelligent IG development and implementation.



  • Learn about the role of information governance in the organization.
  • Examine new leadership opportunities created by IG programs.
  • Understand new skills required of IG programs.
  • Review the role of traditional HIM in an organization-wide information governance program, including the role of the HIM professional and opportunities to lead the IG initiative.


Target Audience:
Chief Information Governance Officer, Privacy Officer, Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Compliance Officer, HIM Director


This replay was recorded on 08/24/2017.

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