CHPS Domain 3- IT/Phys+Tech Safeguards (Exam Prep)

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This 8-lesson online course pays special attention to the competencies of healthcare information technology as well as physical and technical safeguards as covered in the CHPS Certification Examination (Domain 3 competencies). Enhance your performance with an expert overview of security program planning including areas such as audit controls, identifying trigger events, encryption and various other safeguards, to name a few. The course reflects information from the HITECH Final Omnibus Rule, effective 3/26/2013 with a compliance date of 09/23/2013.

Access authorization processes, authentication mechanisms, physical security and media control are also included. Learn best practices for implementation of technical and physical safeguards as well as media receipt, removal, and disposal; study proper data backup plan development and proper inventory and documentation of assets and system maintenance, establish and monitor compliance with security policies; and more!


Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

· Learn best practices to develop and manage a strategic information security plan

· Learn best practices for implementing optimal technical safeguards including assessing security risks and identifying threats and vulnerabilities

· Learn best practices for optimal outcomes in access and audit controls, encryption, and authentication

· Study processes for the use of cryptography, digital signatures, and public and private key infrastructure technologies

· Study the elements for a successful data backup plan as well as a disaster recovery plan including emergency situations

· Identify security requirements and discuss appropriate measurements to protect the confidentiality and integrity of all electronic protected health information (ePHI) created, received, maintained, or transmitted

· Identify practices and processes for optimal technical and physical safeguards to protect against unauthorized use, access, disclosures, and media controls (e.g., laptop destruction).


1. Threats to Health Information

2. HIPAA Security Rule Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards

3. Access Controls

4. Media Control

5. Transmission of Data Within Organizations and Across Networks

6. Use and Transmission of e-PHI

7. Risk Analysis

8. Disaster Plans and Business Continuity

This refresher course is for CHPS exam candidates who already have the appropriate experience, educational background, and knowledge to sit for the exam.

AHIMA certifications are administered by the AHIMA Commission on Certification (COC). The COC does not contribute to, review, or endorse any review books, review sessions, study guides, or other exam preparatory activities.

Use of this product for AHIMA certification exam preparation in no way guarantees an exam candidate will earn a passing score on the exam.


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