HIPAA Privacy: The Pillars of a Privacy Program

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The course begins with a bird’s eye overview of HIPAA, including its history and relationship to state health privacy law. It also discusses the types of entities covered by HIPAA, the definition of protected health information (PHI), de-identification of PHI, HIPAA enforcement, the pillars of a privacy program that HIPAA requires, how HIPAA defines business associates, and the provisions that must be included in business associate agreements.  

This course is perfect for personnel needing an introduction and roadmap to the HIPAA Privacy Rule.The course is ideal for personnel involved with an institution’s HIPAA compliance efforts.The course will be useful to assistants, administrators, office staff, counsel, and anyone who needs a foundational understanding of how HIPAA works and its central provisions. 

Course Outline


1. Introduction

2. Overview of HIPAA

        A. Introductory Example

        B. HIPAA Overview

        C. HIPAA’s History

        D. HIPAA and State Law

3. Who Is Covered by HIPAA?

A. Covered Entities

B. Business Associates

C. Other Entities

      Hybrid Entity

      • Organized Health Care Arrangement (OHCA)

      Affiliated Covered Entity (ACE)

4. What Is PHI?

        A. Definition of PHI

        B. De-Identified Data

Statistician Method

Safe Harbor Method

5. HIPAA Enforcement

A. Civil and Criminal Penalties

B. HIPAA Enforcement After HITECH

C. Audits

D. Data Breach

6. Pillars of a Privacy Program

A. Privacy Official

B. Policies and Procedures

C. Training

D. Safeguards

E. Documentation

F. Internal Assessments

7. Business Associates and Subcontractors

        A. Who Is a Business Associate?

        B. Business Associate Agreements

8. Conclusion

9. Course Assessment

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