HIPAA Security: Safeguarding PHI

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The course begins with a discussion of the scope of the Security Rule’s coverage and its basic structure in terms of safeguards, standards, and implementation specifications.The course also discusses the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s general safeguards of all PHI.The course then focuses on the HIPAA Security Rule’s administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.The various implementation specifications, the organizational requirements, and policies and procedures and documentation requirements are also covered. Finally, the course covers HIPAA’s requirements regarding handling and reporting of data breaches.


Course Outline


1. Data Security Under HIPAA

2. Safeguards, Standards, and Specifications

3. Administrative Safeguards

A. Security Management Process

B. Assigned Security Responsibility

C. Workforce Security

D. Information Access Management

E. Security Awareness and Training

F. Security Incident Procedures

G. Contingency Plan

H. Evaluation

I. Business Associate Contracts and Other Arrangements

4. Physical Safeguards

A. Facility Access Controls

B. Workstation Use

C. Workstation Security

D. Device and Media Controls

5. Technical Safeguards

A. Access Control

B. Audit Controls

C. Integrity

D. Person or Entity Authentication

E. Transmission Security

6. Organizational Requirements

7. Policies and Procedures and Documentation Requirements

8. Data Breach

9. Conclusion

10. Course Assessment


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