HIPAA Privacy and Security for Business Associates

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Purchase both the HIPAA Privacy for Business Associates course and the HIPAA Security Course for BAs and CEs together for a cost savings.

These 2 courses (sold individually as HIPAAPRVBA and HIPAASEC - see these product codes for more in-depth information about each course) provide essential training about the HIPAA privacy and security requirements for the entire workforce of business associates (BAs). 

Lively and engaging, the courses explain HIPAA in a clear and understandable way, with numerous concrete examples.  The course is highly interactive and is relevant to workforce members in a wide variety of roles.

The courses were designed by Professor Daniel J. Solove, who is an internationally-known expert in privacy and security law and the founder of TeachPrivacy, a company that provides privacy and security training. Professor Solove makes HIPAA come alive in a fun and memorable way.

Discounted pricing is available for groups of 6 or more. Contactjames.bell@ahima.org  for additional information.


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