Replay- Are You Capturing All Your CCs/MCCs?

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Secondary diagnoses are the most commonly overlooked elements in a case review for both CDI and coding professionals. These are expensive oversights for any organization. So what are the best methods to not only uncover these secondary diagnoses but also educate your staff to facilitate an improved documentation and coding program? This webinar answers this question in several ways. First, the speaker presents a basic outline of secondary/other diagnoses guidelines in addition to abnormal findings and possible/probable guidelines. The speaker sheds light on the areas where secondary diagnoses “hide” within the chart, such as the ER report, OP notes, combination coding, history of conditions, nonattending physician diagnoses, and BMI reporting. The presentation continues with pathology report guidelines and issues facilities face with missed secondary diagnoses (CC/MCCs) in path reports and the opportunity for physician clarification of path findings. Finally, attendees will have a chance to review documentation from nonattending providers as well as a discussion on conflicting vs. nonconflicting documentation. Viewers will have the option to participate in examples of conflicting/nonconflicting documentation via “viewer choice” (if available). Actual case examples are shown throughout the presentation to incorporate the guidelines/information with real case excerpts. This helps participants identify with current cases seen in the hospital setting.



  • Discuss secondary/other diagnoses guidelines.
  • Identify where secondary diagnoses “hide” within the chart.
  • Evaluate pathology report guidelines and issues with missed CCs/MCCs in these reports.
  • Assess ways to improve documentation programs and identification of coding and documentation educational needs.


Who Should Attend

CDI specialists, CDI managers, HIM managers/directors, coding supervisors, coders, physicians, nurses, quality improvement


This replay was recorded on 03/07/2017.

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