Leadership Development for Healthcare: A Pathway, Process, and Workbook

Merida L. Johns, PhD, RHIA

Leadership Development for Healthcare: A Pathway, Process, and Workbook advances the healthcare student or professional’s abilities in meeting current organization challenges through both leader and leadership development. This book provides a framework to help guide the acquisition of characteristics and behaviors associated with effective leadership, incorporating both moral and technical competence.

Key Features

·        Opportunities for being a leader and practicing leadership are available to everyone and leadership behavior and practice can be cultivated by anyone.

·        Chapters are designed to reinforce the learn–discover–practice process to support leader and leadership development.

·        Exercises and activities are offered throughout the book to change or create and practice leader and leadership behaviors.

·        Appendix provides an overview of the evolution of thought on leadership and describes many of the common leadership theories developed between the early 20th century and today.

·    Instructor materials include an online instructor’s manual and one PowerPoint slide deck per chapter.

About the author

Merida L. Johns, PhD, RHIA, has more than 40 years of health information management experience on national and international levels and is a noted author and presenter in the field. She currently heads The Monarch Center for Women’s Leadership Development and is professor and director of health informatics and information management at Resurrection University, in Chicago.


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