Live - Uses & Abuses of Secure Clinical Texting: Mitigating Risk While Preserving Communica

Webinars - Live
4/4/2017 12:00:00 PM - 1:00:00 PM (CST)

HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end encrypted, secure clinical text applications and vendor products are multiplying as hospitals endeavor to reduce non-secure SMS texting among their clinicians of Personal Health Information (PHI). How can information management and informatics professionals guide their facilities in the safe, effective and valuable deployment and management of secure clinical texting? This webinar complements an understanding of the value of this clinical communication tool with that of its risks to patients, clinicians, and hospitals. By addressing common concerns and issues involved with secure clinical texting, the presentation looks at the challenges—as well as the opportunities—of this communication vehicle. For example, why hospitals need to implement a secure clinical texting application or capability in their facility and the value of clinical texting as another vehicle for interprofessional clinical communication. The presentation also looks at how clinical texting differs from telephonic and face-to-face clinical conferral and communication in terms of content delivery, nuanced communications, non-verbal communication cues, and possible impact on interprofessional care team cohesion and work satisfaction.  Patient care orders, including the prohibition of clinical texting of them, as well as disciplinary measures and technology issues are discussed. The presentation will provide information management and informatics professionals with recommendations and best practices to guide their facilities toward a viable texting program. Attendees can expect a thoughtful discussion and a candid look at how organizations can implement protocols to protect sensitive data and their patients.



  • Understand the value, as well as the issues, of secure clinical texting.
  • Review scenarios where SMS texting is used, the protocols in doing so, and how to avoid legal issues.
  • Gain recommendations and best practices for guiding facilities in safe, effective, and valuable secure clinical texting deployment and management.


Who Should Attend
Chief Information Governance Officer, Privacy Officer, Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, Compliance Officer, HIM Director

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