Long Term and Post Acute Care & Health IT Summit-Baltimore

6/25/2017 - 6/27/2017
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

If you want to prepare for the healthcare revolution, attend the 13th Annual Long-Term and Post-Acute Care Health IT Summit! This event provides  the opportunity to speak directly with policy makers and expert leaders in federal, state, and local initiatives, that are challenging and propelling LTPAC—along with the rest of the healthcare continuum—into the next era of exchange and innovation. This is more than just a health information technology (HIT) summit. This is a healthcare summit. Attendees will benefit from presentations on topics including healthcare transformation and clinical technology innovations, the different needs for data in expanded healthcare settings, clarification on privacy and security regulations and from real world examples on how long term services and supports are evolving.

The LTPAC Health IT Summit is hosted by the LTPAC Health IT Collaborative including AHIMA, the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination; the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association; the American Health Care Association; the National Center for Assisted Living; LeadingAge; the Center for Aging Services Technologies; Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society; the National Association for Home Care and Hospice; the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care; the National Pace Association; the American Society for Consultant Pharmacists; and the Home Care Technology Association of America.


1. Showcase healthcare transformation and clinical technology innovations that support clinical processes such as transitions of care, care coordination, care planning, and the role technology plays in supporting new payment and value-based care delivery models.

2. Provide examples of how long-term services and supports are evolving to provide patient care to LTPAC populations and engaging consumers in the longitudinal journey.

3. Spotlight how health informatics and analytics are improving patient care in LTPAC.

4. Address the different needs for data in expanded healthcare settings.

5. Clarify privacy and security regulations including cyber-security.

6. Provide guidance to attendees on how to effectively use information for organizational decision making, performance improvement, cost management, and risk mitigation.

Target Audience

All health IT leaders, policy makers, care provider executives, LTPAC  providers, privacy and security professionals, data analytics and informatics professionals, vendors and hospital leaders interested in advancing health information technology (HIT) policies and initiatives aligning with the national healthcare strategy and widespread interoperability efforts.


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